Audio Grade / ZERO no Hitotoki MAX
22/5/2009 on sale / ZERO-2001 / 14,800JPY


ZERO no Hitotoki MAX・・・very effective for sound quality improvement
ZERO no Hitotoki MAX is made by remodelling ZERO no Hitotoki just for audio system accessory.
It's more effective for sound quality improvement of audio system.
Please sense its effect bodily.
※Special cards of 12 books with a gilt top star are added to it.

CD packed zero magnetic field in / ZERO no Hitotoki MAX
A epoch-making CD which unknown energy (zero magnetic field) was packed in will be released at last on November 1, by T-Reference.
Lots of reservations have already come to us by word of mouth!
We will be able to send it to you by around 10th from the day when you make reservation (as of December 8, 2008).

---I was really amazed at effect of ZERO no Hitotoki MAX.
I have also developed many kinds of audio system accessory,
but I think there are few that are more effective for sound quality improvement than "ZERO" Moment.
Sound's keeping away from audio speaker improves remarkably, so a listener doesn't feel existence of audio speaker.
Clear and solid sound image is fixed in large sound field, and it's very lively.
Sounds of insturment and voice also get closer to reality.
It is amazing that sound changes to its right way in every item.
Whatever we do to audio system changes its sound, so there exist many kinds of audio system accessory,
but there are few that can change sound to its right way.
I assure that "ZERO" Moment is a valuable audio system accessory which can improve sound quality in every item.
(Ken Ishiguro, the representative director of Acoustic Revive)

---Images of forms of piano and tenor sax are clear. The sound is like "real existence".
Staccato sounds very clear. Sound of tenor sax sounds thick and vividly.
(Akira Nagasawa, a jazz critic / from an article on Jazz Critique Magazine, March 2009)
---Sound changes truely, overwhelmingly, and for the better besides.
It may be a overstatement, but I felt like my room changed zero magnetic field.
If it is an accurate statement, "ZERO" Moment is a revolutionary item.
(Mr.Hirose, a manager of Angel's Pocket)

SNR becomes high, and sound becomes clear.
And, reverberations are easier to listen to than before using "ZERO" Moment,
so sound spreads more widely through my room, and I can more strongly feel like I'm at a concert hall.
I heard sound coming to the side of my ears before using "ZERO" Moment, but after that spreading to 1m behind them.
Besides, vocal sounded more vivid because feeling of silence around vocal became stronger.
("Yamatetsu" / Mt.T2)

the first in the world! CD packed zero magnetic field in /
ZERO no Hitotoki
ZERO-1001 / \9,800


This is a low cost model of "ZERO" Moment.
You can adequately and bodily sense effect of zero magnetic field by using it.
It is effective for problems not only of sound quality of audio system, but also of health(e.g. reducing stress, solving skin trouble).
Please try it!